Jul. 18, 2020

Nelson Mandela international day 2020:Take action , Inspire change .

July 18 was dedicated as the Nelson Mandela International Day by the united nations to honor the life and legacy of South African longest-serving prisoner of Conscience, president, freedom fighter, and Nobel peace prize laureate.
The united nations secretary-general Antonio Guterres used the occasion of the 2020 Mandela international day to call for governments and all citizens of the world to work together when the threat of COVID 19 endangers everyone, everywhere especially the most vulnerable.
World leaders are called to recognize the vital importance of unity and solidarity at a time when COVID19 has exposed deep inequalities and needs the world to fight the pandemic of inequality together.
Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the united nations and the fragile times of COVID 19, reflecting on the life and legacy of Madiba as he was respectfully addressed, may put things in perspective, the UN secretary-general opined.
The UN SG said though Mandela served many years as a prisoner of conscience, he retained the dignity and commitment of his ideals, some of which are, racial equality, non-discrimination, value, and dignity of human life.
The UN SG, therefore, called on all governments in the world who hold prisoners of conscience to release them.
H. E Antonio Guetteres said as long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exist in our world, non of us can truly rest.
He called for Dignity and Equality for all people on planet Earth on Nelson Mandela International day July 18th,2020.
The first African director-general of the world health organization, Dr. Tedros from Ethiopia used Mandela's quote " It is almost impossible until it is done " to call for Solidarity and unity in nations and among nations to fight the COVID 19 pandemic at his 7/18/2020 press briefing in Geneva.
Mandela became the first South African black president when he was released from prison after 27 years.
Mandela ruled for just one term and handed over to former president Mbeki.
He remained an Elder statesman of the world using his Noble peace prize clouds to fight for peace and justice around the world. The Elders organization has many former heads of states and or governments who are working for the ideals of Mandiba.
He was a friend and mentor to former USA president Bill Clinton, who worked with him on issues like HIV/AIDS and peace.
The Mandela foundation in South Africa carries out projects in keeping with his ideals and gives out the Mandela prize.
Dr. Akwo, Thompson Ntuba