Jul. 21, 2020

HFD Captain Leroy Lucio dies from COVID19 while serving Houstonians in the Frontlines.

Houston Chief of the fire department, Pena Samuel has over many weeks asked for prayers as he reported how many men and women of his city department tested positive for COVID19 virus, those in quarantine and or isolation, treatment or admitted in intensive care units, hooked to ventilators fighting for their lives, with the names of Captain Lucio always mentioned as he asked for prayers from the community for him.
As of the 3.00 pm, 7-20-2020 mayoral briefing at the legacy room of the city hall Houston, request for prayers were made by chief Pena for captain Lucio, who unfortunately was announced dead in the night.
His death on Monday, was the third of city workers who had just died from Covid19, the other two being from the public works department, underscoring the effects and impact of Covid19 not only on City front line workers but all in the community, their families and loved ones.
Mayor Sylvester Turner, in announcing the death, had this to say about Lucio " I ask the city of Houston to join me in praying for Captain Leroy Lucio, s family. His death leaves a void in the department and the hearts of men and women that he mentored and supervised during his 30 years career in the Houston fire department, we are grateful for his service to the city, may he rest in peace ".
The death of Captain Lucios and others should make all Houstonians, residents of Harris County, Texas, USA, and other nations to take COVID 19 pandemic seriously and follow the public health preventive measures put in place by authorities very very serious. They the preventive measures include wearing face shields like masks, handwashing with soap or use of hand sanitizer, physical distancing, testing and staying at home in isolation and or quarantine if positive or have symptoms that are flu-like with a positive COVID 19 test or calling for medical help if the is difficulty in breathing , and tightness in the chest
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba