Jul. 22, 2020

USA has ordered the Chinese Consulate in Houston closed for spying and theft .

The United States government has ordered the Consulate of China in Houston at 3417 Montrose Boulevard closed following accusations of spying out of the consulate and theft of intellectual property by agents of the people,s Republic of China, with the recent one related to COVID 19 vaccine research, though details have not been provided.
The Chines Foreign Service spokesperson has said, their country will retaliate, if the USA does not reverse the closedown decision, saying America has an Embassy in Beijing and five consulates in Mainland china which may be targetted.
The Chinese authorities believe that, the action is part of the recent Trump Administration's provocation of China and that it was uncalled for.
Those who were spoken to on-site say the decision is unfortunate and may be connected to the pleasing of supporters of President Trump who do not like the Chinese president in America.
It should be noted that the Trump administration has been having trade differences with the nation of China, and the outcome of the recent trade deals negotiations are unknown.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson