Jul. 23, 2020

International leaders call for amicable resolution of disputes between USA and China .

The Trump administration continues to accuse China of currency issues, bad USA trade relations, theft of USA jobs, espionage, and stealing of intellectual properties from the USA, with the recent related to Corona Virus vaccine research.
The differences between the USA and China led to the abrupt closure of the Chinse consulate at 3417 Montrose Boulevard Houston Texas.
Senator Cruz of Houston Texas sees the closure as an act whose timing was late in coming while Senator Maco Rubio and other Republicans have praised it.
Other opinion leaders in Houston have different views and opinions. Some say, it is done to use China to win the presidential elections, while others believe that with China being one of the main trade partners with Houston, valued in multiple billions of Dollars, the problems should be solved amicably.
USA and China are the biggest economies in the world today, and it will be for the interest of both nations to work things out during these times when the world is battling with COVID 19 and a lot of the PPE in Houston is manufactured in China.
The consulate is sealed with the City of Houston do not cross and seal in front of the doors.
Many local leaders were surprised that the federal government gave instructions for the closure of the consulate without pre-warning the city leaders.
USA- Pacific exchange and China-USA relations should be encouraged many say for a better world.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba