Aug. 4, 2020

Houston fire fighter Jerry Pacheco dies of COVID 19 , as positivity and hospitalizations fall .

Photo credit, COH HND, 2M. Mayor S Turner in a pensive mood as the death of his firefighter to COVID 19 is announced

Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner and fire chief Samuel Pena announced the death of another firefighter making the number two. The mayor and fire chief asked Houstonians to continue to pray for the family of the deceased.
The mayor underscored the importance of the COVID 19 prevention measures which are helping contain the outbreak in Houston, including washing hands with soap and sanitizers, wearing facial coverings like face shield s and or mask, avoiding large crowds, cleaning of spaces, staying home if sick and calling for medical help if they are flu-like symptoms like coughing, headaches, fever, difficulty breathing or chest tightness.
The city reported 6 deaths as of Monday 4th of August, all of Hispanic or Latino descent, and reported the increased outreach that is ongoing from the staff of the Health department to the Latino communities, with Chief of Police Art Acevedo addressing the Latino community in Spanish to do all in their power to respect the prevention measures put in place.
The head of the public health and emergency unit of the city Dr. David Persee presented epidemiologic slides showing that the positivity rate in Houston has dropped from about 24 percent to 17 % and the hospitalizations to less than 2000, though he continues to ask that Houstonians do more to drop the positivity to below 5%.
The mayor is advising the community to wear a mask or get citations with fines close to 250 dollars following the statewide mask-wearing mandate by the office of governor.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba