Aug. 19, 2020

Democratic progressives continue to advice the DNC and USA political leaders to work for the people

Grassroots progressives and their leaders from different states of the USA are in the city of Milwaukee, state of Wisconsin USA during the Democratic national convention run out of the Wisconsin center downtown Milwaukee speaking out for their issues.
They believe that the time for medicare for all is now during the COVID19 Pandemic, saying those who are dying are mostly from zip codes associated with poverty, systemic discrimination, and injustices. They are calling on the leaders to pass the 15 dollars an hour minimum wage or loss the elections in November.
The groups through their spokespersons' belief that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren should do more in fighting for their issues and rights.
They have warned America about the corporate take over through tax cuts that make the rich richer and the poor, poorer, as the tax cuts to them never created many middle-class jobs but minimum wage jobs which president Trump boast with for adding to the multi-million jobs created by the Obama-Bidin administration.
They are putting the dominant USA political parties on the alert, to either reform or get deformed.
They will continue their activism today on the 19th of August to the end of the DNC in Milwaukee.
Most of them spoke to Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba in Milwaukee on Tuesday.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba