Aug. 24, 2020

Minnesota Oromo march for Freedom and Justice .

The Oromos of Ethiopian descent came out in large numbers at the state capitol in St Paul Minnesota in rally and march, demanding freedom and justice for the people they claim are marginalized by the Ethiopian government though they form a majority in the country.
In their press release, they wrote that they were marching for hundreds of Oromos who have been killed in cold blood by the Ethiopian government security forces and for tens of thousands of political prisoners who are languishing in Ethiopian prisons and concentration camps.
They mentioned a high profile Oromo singer and activist who they claimed was murdered by name Hachalu Hundessa at the age of 34 years and the government of Ethiopia using repressive instruments to crack down on those who mourned him, calling the latter dissidents.
They call on the government of Ethiopia to release all of their people who have been illegally detained.
They believe the government of Ethop[ia is illegally detaining Oromos in overcrowded Sars Cov2 presence prisons.
They condemn the killing of peaceful protesters
The Oromos say their protests are peaceful in their quest for equal treatment, justice, and freedom for the Oromo people .and not against any ethnic or religious group.
The Oromo people of Minnesota demand the Ethiopian government to immediately: 1 Give Jawar Mohamed the necessary medical treatment 2 Hold independent investigation into Hachalu,s murder instead of using it,s courts to run a never-ending drama. 3 Hold an independent investigation into the killings of hundreds of Oromo peaceful protesters 4 Free all political prisoners without any precondition 5 Stop the state-sponsored violence across Oromia and remove all armed forces from Oromia neighborhoods back to it,s military bases.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba