Sep. 6, 2020

President Trump with history of USA soldiers insults denies recent accusations.

President Trump is dealing with a new York based media outlet accusations that he insults returned deaths of the USA from the war fronts as failures.
The president is said to have questioned the rational and goals of Americans who went to fight in Vietnam.
The president continues to deny the accusations ,though corroborating inside voices of his administration are speaking out against him.
Trump and his surrogates in his administration says he loves the army and doing much for it.
Many outsiders are not surprised with the accusations since Trump insulted late senator McCain as a loser for being a prisoner of war and his former secretary of defense General Mattis as overrated international general.
Many belief that republicans have no problems with this,since they know what Trump said to senators Cruz, Rubio and Cruz's supporters and wife.
Republicans want Trump to retain the presidency for them and donot care about these issues.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo