Sep. 11, 2020

Mayor Sylvester Turner has fired four HPD officers,though police union fights back.

The city of Houston has seen the video detailing the time line of events that led to the shooting and killing of a suppose mentally challenged 27 years old latino man by name of Nicholas Chavez.
The chief of police Art Acevedo worked the members of different media outlets present at the 22th floor of the Houston central police building down town where the briefing took place.
The chief pointed to actions by the police officers which were deemed reasonable, lawful and acceptable according to training and those which were not, questioning why the victim had to be shut 21times towards the close of the 15 minutes Encounter, when he was already on the ground and incapacitated, posing no harm to the officers.
Mayor Sylvester Turner said he had many questions and found the last 21 shots at Mr Nicholas Chavez unacceptable. The tearful and emotional mayor said firing the four officers should not be considered a condemnation of the entire police department, 99% of who are doing a great job.
The Houston police union has condemned the decision to fire the officers,claiming they did every thing they could to help Mr Chavez, who never cooperated and wanted to be killed or commit suicide by cops.
Mr Gamaldi, the president of the Houston police union and vice president of the national fraternal order of police, continues to defend the officers, citing the conclusion of the police oversight side board that concluded that, they found no wrong doing in the conduct of the officers in question.
The officers have made clear that they will appeal the decision to fire them .
The case is still under investigation by the Harris county attorney's office.
It must be noted that violence by police officers does not only lead to physical injuries and death like the case of Chavez but emotional or mental health issues which have led to the description of cases like that of Chavez a public health crisis.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo