Sep. 13, 2020

Houston Black lives matter mural officially inaugurated, with city leaders participating in March.

Honorable Sheiler Jackson Lee, Mayor Sylvester Turner, commissioner Rodney Elis, Police Chief Art Acevedo, and other city leaders in Austin state Senate answered present at the historic Acres Homes district at 2401 South Victory street to inaugurate the recently street painted black lives matter mural on Saturday 12th September 2020.
During the speeches, the leaders spoke about the importance of all lives with emphasis on black lives.
The mayor thanked the organizers of the event, spoke about the historic neighborhood, and the elders who have sacrificed so much .
Mayor Turner said Houstonians should continue to comply with the 2020 census, because 40% of Houston has not yet been counted. . The mayor said if the city will continue to do the roads, housing and other services, it will need all the federal dollars which are given based on populations .
Honorable Jackson Lee spoke about social justice and need for support of the George Floyd justice act.
Chief Art Acevedo, who spoke after commissioner Rodney Elis had thanked the organizers for the event and it,s importance, said people blamed black lives matter for the killing of police officers in Dallas but he disagreed, and had wished they had listened and cooperated ,when black lives matter movement started, saying shame to them .
The leaders joined the organizers marching along the Carver street mural length .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo