Sep. 14, 2020

Trump blamed Forests mismanagement for Wild Fires, though Californians say "Climate change ".

His Excellency president Donald Trump of the USA has visited the the areas in the West Coast affected by Wild Fires.
The president attributed forestry mismanagement as the cause though people in California blame Climate change, which caused very hurt summer temperatures during 2020.
Massive areas of land have been scorched, buildings burnt, communities destroyed by these huge Wild Fires which are burning in California, Washington State and Oregon in the West Coast.
Close to 15 people are reported dead from causes related to the fires.
Many people are internally displaced while evacuation orders are issued for certain communities.
Air pollution from noxious gases will trigger more Asthma attacks and other respiratory problems in the immediate and near future.
Assistance has been given to the states affeted to deal with the fires and help those affected to recover.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo