Sep. 14, 2020

Afri-Cameroon women are partnering with UN Women to prepare for the December 2020 regional election

Afr-Cameroon women are getting help from the United nations Women agency, UNIFAM , in preparing to participate and win seats in the up coming regional elections slated for December 6th 2020.
The women are encouraged to follow the examples of their counterparts around the world who are making a difference in regional or states and local government councils .
Gender Mainstreaming requires a certain number of positions and or seats in regional leadership bodies or legislatures to be given to Women .
The hurdles are many though for most African women , who are not use to seeing 9 out of 15 council seats occupied by women as found in the city of Houston council chambers.
Raising money for campaign or donations are not easy to come by .
Politics in Africa had been seen as the place for men until recently, an issue which creates problems of their own.
If Cameroon will create a modernized state and democracy , it must give the women their rightful place.
No woman has been president, nor speaker of the assembly or head of the supreme court.
The few women councilors in the city councils donot occupy many important committees chair positions.
As Afri-Cameroom women continue to see their counterparts like those in Houston occupy more council seats than men , they will aspire to do more and the united nations and partners like sister cities are ready to help.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo