Sep. 15, 2020

Texas Senator Cruz defends conservative values in New Book, not Trump,s offer to supreme court.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been speaking out on contents of his new book expected to be out publicly in a few days .
The senator concentrated his book reflections on the composition of the USA supreme court and how the so called division of the court into party lines is hurting the USA he claims .
Senator Cruz calls the four supreme court judges appointed by former democratic presidents "liberal judges,"just like President Trump calls a few, Obama judges , though court president Roberts continue to say there are no republican nor democratic judges on the bench .
Cruz cites a number of cases which he litigated at the supreme court, many dealing with issues Republicans hold very dealy .
Honorable Cruz says most times the justices decide cases on a 5-4 vote, with the four radical left wing justices always sticking together.
Senator Cruz thinks it will be good for his party and America if more conservative judges were appointed to the supreme court and other higher courts especially appalete courts .
Many continue to wonder why he who advocates for more conservative judges in the supreme review court of the land would opt out of the consideration publicly made by President Trump to appoint him to the supreme court if an opening comes after president Trump wins second term in office.
Cruz has thanked the president for the confidence he has in him, though he has made it clear that he was not interested in the offer in the future with his names on a short list, and will prefer to fight for his conservative issues and believes in the senate as a republican politician.
Many think that was an open spat on the face of President Trump and a calculated move for Cruz to relaunch presidential campaigns after next year if president Trumpdoesnot defeat former vice president Biden in the November 3rd 2020 presidential elections.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo