Sep. 16, 2020

City of Houston News: Mayor Turner announces office of human trafficking and Domestic violence.

Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston has created the new office of Human trafficking and Domestic violence with a launched program that empowers survivors with paths toward safety and financial independence. . The office was launched with the recognition of the fact that both Domestic violence and Human trafficking are forms of gender based violence.
The statistics would be higher if undocumented women who are trafficked and or domestically abused would come out of the closet or hiding places , cages they find themselves because of immigration issues made worse by the public and official declarations of President Trump that , asylum seekers with claims of trafficking and or abuse will not be automatically given asylum or refugee status and assistance.
Mayor pro-term Dave Martin answered some questions on women at the USA -SouthAmerica boarders seeking asylum and refugee protections and many in main land USA asked by Dr. Ntuba Thompson Akwo. Council man Dave Martin made it clear that he is in total support of such women coming out and be protected by the immigration laws , he said he is for them having asylum or refugee status on that basis of the law . Dave Martin continues to advocate for all races including Hispanics and Latinos affected by these issues contrary to what others are saying . The contributions of the mayor proterm to the work sponsored by Abbie Kamin was acknowledged by the later.
Mayor Sylvester Turner continues to say he is the mayor of all in Houston, documented or not , statements which should bring women in hiding out to seek help.
The new office or. MOHT & DV is launching a partnership with Magpies and Peacocks called MAKR Collective to economically empower victims of human trafficking and domestic violence .
" The key to breaking the cycle are economic empowerment opportunities like this one " said Mayor Turner. "99 % of survivors experience financial abuse ,lack of access to financial resources or skills needed to be independent, keeping victims tied to an abuser."
The department will also provide additional support for economic security through community and civic engagement, focus on service deserts and changing cultural attitudes.
The mayor,s office of cultural affairs helped identify M&P as a partner .
The sponsor organizations include ,Houston Endowment, Frees Foundation, Grant me the wisdom foundation, National football league, and Kanta K .Patel Foundation.
The new office that is now a directorate will be headed by director Minal Patel Davis and will also produce or develop domestic violence initiatives.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo