Sep. 18, 2020

Judiciary News: Justice Ruth Ginsburg dies, reducing the liberal bench numbers.

The news has been reported of the death of USA supreme court justice Ruth Ginsburg at the age of 87.
Justice Ginsburg was the second woman in History to sit in the supreme court.
Though appointed by democratic presidents, the highest review court of the land is suppose to have independent justices.
Ginsburg sided with the other three remaining democratic presidential appointees.
She was very critical of President Trump, even coming out to campaign against him because of Trump,s stances against women.
The republicans had wanted her to give over the seat before the presidential elections 2020.
Nothing stops the republican senate from filling the seat between now and November 3rd 2020.
Senator McConnell held back an Obama supreme court seat , waiting for a republican president to fill it with a republican justice Kavanaugh.
Republicans get away with what ever they want in the USA and pundits think they will try to fill the seat before November 3rd presidential elections, since cases must now be tried based on who has political partisan majorities in the USA supreme court.
Americans continue to mourn a great judicial and legal mind .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo