Sep. 20, 2020

USA Congress speaker Nancy Pelosi threatens with the impeachment of Trump to stop Supreme Court pick

Following the death of supreme court justice Ruth Ginsburg, Americans have heard threats from the republican party senators and President Trump, on intent to fill the empty seat at the Supreme court.
In a recent interview with ABC George Stephanopoulos, honorable Pelosi made it clear that they are considering to start impeachment proceedings on Trump to save the institutions of the American democracy.
The accusations of hypocrisy by the Republican senators and President Trump has left many global watchers of USA politics surprised.
In 2016 when the USA Supreme Court member died more than 200 days before the presidential elections, and Barack Obama was to carry out his presidential and constitutional duties , Republican senators led by Senate majority leader McConnel of Kentucky gave outrageous and unconstitutional reasons why the appointed person by name Judge Garland was not going to get a vote on the Senate floor. President Obama begged McConnel to allow him to carry out his constitutional duties as they say Trump should do with the seat of late Justice Ruth Ginsburg today and republicans refused.
Senators Graham of North Carolina, Cruz of Texas put forward bogus claims for why Obama could not fill the vacant seat, even using the words of democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to defend themselves.
The same situation has risen this time around with the dead of Ginsburg and the partisan republican senators are trying to have it both ways. This time they want to replace a Supreme Court seat just less than 50days before the presidential elections of 2020 on November 3rd while in 2016 it occurred more than 200 days before the presidential elections and they refused.
In 2016 then-candidate Trump said they should allow the winner of the. 2016 presidential elections fill the seat after inauguration into office.
Many Americans are saying should democrats win in 2020, they should expand the number of members in the court to 15 and appoint 6 more justices to overcome the republican hypocrisy related to the court.
Speaker Pelosi has her own plans to stop what they call republican hypocrisy and destruction of American government institutions. Pelosi plans to start impeachment proceedings on President Trump and his attorney general Barr, for impeachment conditions in the USA Constitution.
Republican senators already have a number among themselves who say no to a replacement, and follow the rules like senator Susan Collins and Alaska Lisa.
President Trump will wish that this Supreme Court fight takes away discussions and attention from his poor COVID 19 USA preparedness and response going to the debates and elections in November.
Dr. Ntuba Thompson, Akwo.