Sep. 21, 2020

President Clinton on Trump's Ginsburg replacement: Hypocrisy, Politics and Power Play.

Former President Bill Clinton who appointed Justice Ruth Ginsburg to the supreme court has described the intention of the republican senate to fill the seat at the Court after the death of Ginsburg as superficially hypocritical, politics and power play.
Clinton spoke to Jake Tapper of CNN , responding to questions on why should republicans chose to fill a Supreme Court seat almost 50 days to a presidential elections , when they refused the same , during the Obama administration more than 200 days away.
The former president said senators Graham and Grassley said no then, let us see how they vote now, .
The former president said the double standards of the republicans will create cynism in the system.
The republicans have been putting forward lots of unreasonable defenses for refusing a president Obama from carrying out his constitutional office assignment in 2016.
The defenses put forward by the Republicans are outright double standard in nature and shameful.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo