Sep. 23, 2020

Trump, s UNGA 75th Speech: Attacks China, brags as protector of Europe, Mocks Multilateralism.

President Donald Trump of the USA presented his last UNGA or United Nations general assembly speech on the 22nd of September 2020.
He started off by praising what he called successes of his administration over the invincible enemy he calls the Chinese virus.
Trump attacked China for the virus.
The president said China was dumping much toxic mercury waste into the atmosphere, besides the great carbon emissions from China and condemned China for much plastic dump in the global seas.
He called on the united nations to hold China accountable.
The president said since he left the one-sided Paris climate change deal, America has cut her carbon emission to half, more than all the countries that are part of the deal.
President Trump bragged that he has forced delinquent Nato allies to pay their fair share for the protection America gives to Europe.
He presented himself as a global peacemaker by citing the recent UAE, Bahrain, and Israel peace deals signed at the White House or the Abraham accord as an example of his peace efforts.
President Trump said if the United Nations must remain relevant, it must tackle global problems, including Terrorism, Oppression of Women, Forced labor, drug trafficking, human and sex trafficking, Religious persecution, Ethnic cleansing.
Trump said America will always be a leader in Human rights, as his administration continues to advance religious liberty, opportunities for Women, and decriminalization of the LGBT community.
He said America, s prosperity is the bedrock of freedom and prosperity all over the world.
President Trump said he has improved the USA military in quantity and quality, saying America pursues peace through strength. He was proud to have eliminated ISIS and killed it,s founder leader. He cited the killing of Iran,s top general Sulieman, who he calls killer of Americans and terrorists, a great gain for world peace and security.
President Trump mocked former American leaders who went after global glory instead of looking out for America.
He said he was working for America and it was okay for other nations to work for their countries too, indirectly preaching isolationism and mocking multilateralism, the main theme word of UNGA75.
President Trump made it clear that he will cooperate only with those who cater to their people.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson