Sep. 28, 2020

USA president Trump accused of tax fraud, lack of Patriotism, and moral bankruptcy.

President Trump of the USA is being accused by his fellow Americans for tax fraud, lack of Patriotism and moral bankruptcy after a report of his tax history over many years reveal shocking information to the American public.
The president uses his Children as consultants in his business operations and pays them huge amounts it claims.
The president pays almost nothing in income taxes in some years or as low as $750 in two straight years.
The revelations from the Trump taxes reveal a businessman that is not as successful and patriotic as he has claimed over the years even paying more taxes to foreign countries like India than he does his own country, putting his so-called nationalism wars in question.
As many thoughtful Americans reflect on this new revelation about Trump and his tax records he had always tried hiding from the American public, the USA presidential historian has described the president as a" Con man in the White House".
The content of the tax evasion story puts Trump completely on the defensive going to the first presidential debates in Ohio on Tuesday, September 2020.
Former Governor of Ohio and present CNN communicator John Kasich has described Trump, s action in morally bankrupt terms.
The new revelation is in keeping with the suspicions of many millions of Americans, as to why President Trump unlike other American presidents before him was allowed to become president without releasing his taxes.
Many believe that his followers must have whatever they want like they are doing with the USA Supreme Court seats, and will not be bothered, as long as he remains in the White House and give tax breaks to billionaires who pay close to $750 in income taxes.
This new revelation also solidifies the accusations that Trump uses the presidency to help his close to bankrupt businesses, with hundreds of millions in loans that are now dependent on what his business makes through their connection with the president and the presidency.
These new tax revelations may also affect the integrity of his Supreme Court appointments, which many believe are done with the aim of having his own in the courts to protect him from high crimes and misdemeanors.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson.