Sep. 28, 2020

Harris Health Medical center Ben Taub and Baylor partners continue to fight Covid19

The Houston medical center , Harris health institution , Ben Taub continues to serve most minorities as it benefits from those population groups through their partnership with Baylor medical school in the same medical center," city".
The Ben Taub Neuropsychiatry center provides needed behavioral and psychiatry care to those infected and or affected by Covid19.
The added advantage that patients have is that, Been Taub is a teaching hospital for Baylor medical students and residents, making it possible for many different health and medical trainees and or consu ltants to Clark the patients before making treatment and recovery and or manageent plans ,which also benefits from continues review and follow up during presentations at bedside rounds and or ground rounds.
Though majority of the staff of Ben Taub are minorities from the African American and Hispanic communities,the care delivery quality is as good as those given in neighbor Methodist hospital at the medical center to mostly affluent people.
Ben Taub emergency center cater for too many people without insurance, a situation which may be made worse when the republican president Trump, s Supreme Court nominee, judge Amy Barret joins her conservative colleagues at the bench in the appeals and review court and destroy the affordable care act.
Resources meant for health systems like Harris's health, a public health system that caters mostly to the poor may be taken away.
Republicans like Governor Kasich and others have crossed the carpet to endorse presidential candidate Joe Biden because of some of Trump, s health care policy plans tied to his tax policies of helping the very rich pay close to nothing in taxes.
Harris County Judge Lina Hildago continues to accuse President Trump of undermining her efforts by cutting her voice.
If the voices of those who make policies that run county health institutions like LBJ and Been Taub general and teaching or referral hospitals are not protected, the minorities and poor whites many of who live in bushes and under the bridges and on streets in America will continue to suffer and die.
Ben Taub and Baylor partners need an affordable health care act in place to continue their work and quality care delivery to mostly the poor and indigent in Harris county including Houston.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson.