Sep. 29, 2020

Police involved shooting and killing of blacks and minorities in the first 2020 presidential debates

President Donal Trump and Vice President Joe Biden will meet in Ohio for the first presidential debates of the 2020 presidential elections today the 29th of September 2020.
The national black lives matter protests which have taken place in many USA cities are one of the central issues, in the backdrop of President Trump calling himself a man of law and order and getting the endorsement of police around the country.
Many people believe that instead of bringing words of comfort and healing to the families of those who lost love ones, president Trump used the occasions to create divisions and preach racial hatred.
The are many parents like that of Botham Jean with unanswered questions and the need for healing.
Former Obama Vice president Joseph Biden came to Houston during the funeral of George Floyd and went to other cities to console and comfort the bereaved families.
These protests taking place nationally demand answers and Americans are demanding solutions from the candidates in the first presidential debates today.
Dr.Ntuba Akwo Thompson