Sep. 30, 2020

Houston police department looks up to Turner, Abbie Kamin and Mike Knox, to save it from Houstonians

The " Say their names " traveling exhibition arrived in Houston Texas at a time when American cities are wrestling with the demand from their residents to scrap off the police departments and forces and replace them with community security personnel who know their communities and how to deal with crimes in the same.
The Obama task force on policing for the 21st century did not stop police-involved shooting based on prejudice and stereotyping of minorities, how will a local government or city police task force make a difference, Houstonians have been asking.
A task force comes up with recommendations, and most require city ordinances or state statutes or federal crafted laws, for them to be executed.
Houston city councilors , starting with Dr. Plummer Leticia, had asked for council votes on some of the issues raised in the task force and she met great opposition from a former police officer, council member Mike Knox and other council members.
The recent letter written by certain city council members is an embarrassment to some.
Abbie Kamin may know the police politics in city hall but she also knows that the national fraternal order of police endorsed President Trump and not a democrat, as was seen during the bragging of President Trump during the presidential debates on the 29th of September 2020.
Houston is predominantly a democratic city and president Trump was for Republican Buzbee not Turner in the last mayoral elections.
Many Americans accuse the present HPD chief Art Acevedo of playing politics with the HPD when he said President Trump should shut up and not put the lives of his forces at risk with his inflammatory law and order talk.
Houston has one of the biggest police numbers working for the bus company called Metro and residents have always come to complain at city hall about the abuses of said officers. Many say metro police officers always take sides with their payer or metro, giving citation evidences of what happens in Houston.
Mayor Sylvester Turner continues to defend his chief of police and officers, which makes many Houstonians to believe that the city police task force is another waste of resources and a tactic to buy time , to continue with the same old practices with little changes here and there.
The politics of police reforms and the sponsors are working against the people, residents say.
The police department looks up to their own to defend them to the end.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson