Oct. 3, 2020

Corona virus is now in the USA White house following defiance of prevention measures.

The global world is now shocked with the news that occupants of the White House are infected with the Corona virus following official statements from White House doctors.
It is not only staff who the American people have been told flount public health barrier methods to prove that COVID 19 is a hoax but those who live in the quarters too.
At a time when Americans and the global world expect leadership and good barrier methods and practices to come from the White House, people are shown pictures and videos of events at the White House with people packed together without masks.
Out of the White House, partisan campaign events and rallies are made with masses without masks.
Those who refuse to use public health measures to prevent Sars Cov2 have a right to their choices and the consequences that follow but do not have the right to expose young people to possible asymptomatic carriers, as deaths within the pediatric age group are happening.
Americans continue to ask all the staff and occupants in the White House to respect the Sars Cov2 prevention measures put in place, so that, the deaths are reduced.
Experts say, anybody can die from COVID 19, and all should take the virus seriously.
You could carry the virus and still test negative, so those who have been in close proximity with those tested positive should also quarantine for 10 to 14 days while those positive are in isolation.
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson