Oct. 6, 2020

President Trump is back in the White House, following a short hospital stay because of Covid19

President Donald Trump has returned to the White House after a few days of hospitalization at the Walter Reed Military hospital in Bethesda, USA.
The president tested positive for Sars Cov2 or the virus that causes Covid19, said his White house physicians, and developed mild fever and reduction in oxygen level. He was administered supplemental oxygen before taken to Walter, Reed hospital on Friday.
While in the hospital he was given Monoclonal antibodies and Rendesevir, an antiviral drug that helps shorten the recovery time from COVID 19.
President Trump felt better while in the hospital over the weekend. He was seen working while admitted to the hospital and also went out in his presidential car with secret service officers inside, to salute and appreciate his many supporters who were outside of there medical campus in solidarity, a move many physicians have condemned.
On Monday the president was discharged from the hospital and returned to the White House to the care of White House physicians.
He has made his intention to participate in the next presidential debate public, though his opponent, Joe Biden has said, the should be no debate if Trump test positive by that date or has not recovered.
The president continues with his campaign tweets and other functions at the white house.
Dr Akwo, Ntuba Thompson