Oct. 13, 2020

Prairie View A &M launches a healthy Houston cooperation initiative with the city of Houston.

The leadership of Prairie View A &M university headed by president Dr. Ruth J. Simons and other leaders including the dean and director of the Land -Grant programs joined the city of Houston executive leader mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris county commissioner Garcia in announcing the cooperation initiative called Healthy Houston.
The initiative will add and supplement the city of Houston's complete communities program, a mayor Turner initiative.
The initiative focuses on four areas, physical health, mental health, -social and financial health.
The departments of the University directly involved include health sciences, Agriculture, Nursing, and Youth Development.
An interdisciplinary team formulated the program and staff from all the involved faculties will participate in the execution.
Dr. D, Souza spoke of the importance of food in the lives of individuals, families, and communities, says "food is life".
The dean of agricultural sciences underscored the importance the world attaches to food with the recent 2020 Nobel peace prize win by the World food program.
The initiative will initially focus and prioritize activities in Houston underserved communities including Acres homes and Third ward.
The initiative will address health disparities and related health problems like Obesity, through healthy foods and eating, education of preventable diseases, and screenings.
Since finances and money management are related to health outcomes through lack of health insurance and inability to pay for health commodities and services, the business department will help these communities with financial health tools and programming.
Commissioner Garcia on behalf of Harris county lauded the initiation while announcing that certain Latino communities that are too far away from LBJ and Ben Taub county hospitals have been provided with new community health centers to cater to their health needs and reduce disparities. Commissioner Garcia said both commissioner Rodney Ellis, and Country Judge Hildago support the initiative.
Mayor Turner thanked the partners from the university and called on other stakeholders to participate.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson