Oct. 13, 2020

Americans challenged to vote starting Early on Tuesday 10/13/2020.

Mayor of the fourth biggest city in America, Honourable Sylvester, Turner launched his "Challenge to Vote" 2020 initiative involving three major City of Houston Universities, Rice University, Texas Southern University or TSU, and the University of Houston.
Each of the three universities is part of a challenge of who gets the highest number of votes cast on campus, by students, faculty, and other staff. The winner of the challenge gets a prize.
Mayor Turner was on those campuses today Tuesday 13th October 2020 to speak on the importance of voting in this 2020 November elections, advising students and other participants to join him in voting early, starting today Tuesday 13th.
Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee invoked the memories and statements of late civil rights icon John Lewis in asking the campus populations to vote and to start early so they do not get caught up in very long lines on November 3th.
Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, closed her speaking by telling the story of how they got the Barbara, Jordan, and Mikey Leeland policy school at TSU.
The mayor marched behind the TSU band playing music alongside Honourable Jackson Lee, president of TSU, student government leader and the crowd of students present all wearing masks to the TSU voting booths where he and others cast their ballots as the first few early voters in Houston, Texas, and the USA.
Dr.Akwo, Ntuba Thompson