Oct. 18, 2020

USA presidential elections 2020 enters last weeks of campaign .

The united states presidential elections enters the last weeks of campaign before the final vote on the 3rd of November.
President Donald Trump representing the republican party and former Vice President Joe Biden are slated to meet for the second time in their planned third presidential debates after the second one to have taken a town hall format was canceled by the national debate commission following changes informed by the recent positive test and brief hospitalization at Walter Reed, medical center by the president.
The two major political parties candidates continue to make a case for why voters should elect them over the other to run the country for the next 4 years beginning in February 2021.
The issues which remain top in consideration by voters include control and management of Sars Cov2 and Covid19 health outcomes, Economy, Climate change, national security , law, and order amidst the recent protests following death of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Breanna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky, Energy including fracking, Supreme Court and the Roe V Wade and the affordable health care act or Obama care that the Trump administration requested stroke down .
The presidential candidates are mostly focusing their attention and resources on the few battle ground states like Florida, Ohio, and Wisconcin.
So far many millions of Americans have voted either by mail or at the polling stations in early voting that started last week.
Some states do not start counting the mail ballots until after the November 3rd, vote, which may make the release of the results to delay.
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson