Oct. 20, 2020

World health organization announces new partnerships in the global fight against COVID19

I am delighted to announce that WHO has the honour of working with Kim Sledge, of the legendary group Sister Sledge, and Natasha Mudhar, founder of the World We Want organization. Together, we are today announcing the start of a new We Are Family campaign to promote global solidarity and collaboration in the face of COVID-19. We Are Family is a global anthem that calls for what the world needs most right now – solidarity, unity and collaboration.
As the northern hemisphere enters winter, we’re seeing cases accelerate – particularly in Europe and North America.
As cases go up, the number of people needing beds in hospitals and intensive care also increases. Nurses and doctors have a much better understanding of how best to treat people with the virus than they did in the early days of the pandemic.
We all have a part to play. Physical distancing, mask wearing, hand hygiene, coughing safely into your arm, avoiding crowds and meeting people outside where possible and when you have to be inside with others – open windows and ensure good ventilation with non recirculating air. I know there’s fatigue but the virus has shown that when we let our guard down, it can surge back at breakneck speed and threaten hospitals and health systems.
I am pleased to announce today that 184 countries have now joined COVAX. The most recent countries joining over the weekend are Ecuador and Uruguay. COVAX represents the largest portfolio of potential COVID-19 vaccines and the most effective way to share safe and effective vaccines equitably across the world.