Oct. 22, 2020

With strong words, President Obama advice Americans to choose and vote for Biden, over Trump.

The 44th president of the united states , Barack Obama has returned to the campaign trail, comparing and contrasting former Vice President Joe Biden, a leadership with that of President Trump.
The two-term former Democratic president who won the Nobel peace prize while in office has made the case that Trump does not take the job of President seriously and that the present US president is in office for himself.
Obama was speaking on Wednesday 21st of October 2020 in Philadelphia.
Obama accused Trump of not extending relief to Americans during the Covid 19 pandemic.
The former president said Trump had no dignity, respect, and decency and people should stop making excuses.
Obama said the presidency will not change who you are but will reveal who you are.
President Obama said choosing and working with former Vice President Biden made him better.
Obama said they left this present administration a pandemic playbook which was not used.
President Obama said Joe Biden's administration will restore the respect and standing America had in the international community of nations. Joe Biden will take care of health care for all, manage the Covid19 pandemic, and create close to 10 million new jobs with his economic plans.
The former president advised Americans to take 2020 presidential election seriously because it will have long term consequences in their lives.
President Obama accused president Trump of inheriting a strong economy from he and Joe Biden and messing it up , like every other thing he inherited.
President Obama called out the hypocrisy of Trump having a secret Chinese bank account through which he does business with China while fooling the people with his attacks of Biden Chinese friendship.
Obama says Trump paid little or nothing in income tax.
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson