Oct. 24, 2020

President Buhari uses Trump's style of peace through strength in an address on protests and violence

Nigerian president Muhamadu Buhari addressed his fellow Nigerians on Thursday the 21st of October 2020 after many days of protests in the national territory , following the killing of youthful protesters who took to the streets of Lagos the economic capital of Nigeria to demand the termination of a security unit of the forces or law and order of Nigeria.
In his address to the nation, president Buhari in a similar manner like president Trump,s address to protesters in the USA , after the killing of George Floy and Breonner Taylor said their voices have been heard and they must respect law and order or police officers.
Many around the world continue to ask for restraint and for Nigerians to find lasting solutions to the demands of the Protesters s including former governor of Nigerian central bank.
Many around the world are doing solidarity vigils and other actions to bring awareness to the issues in Nigeria , which some belief are also related to the residual effects of Colonialism in Nigeria.
The African Union has addressed the situation in Nigeria calling for peaceful resolutions.
Like US President Trump, Buhari of Nigeria warned the protesters, while calling for calm.
The is a report of much looting on the ground with a prison-house set on fire.
Top Nigerian-Americans are telling HND magazine staff that, many politicians are now exploiting what started as a peaceful protest by youths in Lagos to demand changes and fight against police brutality which is global public health and social justice issues.
Nigeria like America is trying to balance the needs for protests that could be exploited against the nation and law and order.
Global solidarity is building, as the African elders consult on the way forward.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson