Oct. 25, 2020

City of Houston interdepartmental fights and animosity carried into Lake Wood Church .

The animosity of the firefighters and other Houston tax payers run departments was very obvious during the funeral church service of Firefighter and police officer investigator Lemuel Bruce.
The fire department does not hide their open grievance against Mayor Sylvester Turner , who they claimed stopped their city wide proposal to be paid same like the police especially as some of them are also police officers like DJ, Lemuel.
The fire fighters of Houston did everything to unseat mayor Sylvester Turner during the last mayoral elections by endorsing two different candidates during the two phases of the mayoral elections.
A representative of the fire department was at city hall to congratulate their outgoing council member , the later who was seen conspicuously among them during the lake wood funeral.
The different units from Dallas, San Antonio, Louisiana and other states must have been surprised that the names of the overall boss of the city department of fire fighters did not appear on the program as participant and speaker.
It is not a new story , that the fire department has issues with the mayor,s office, what is news is that the animosity was taken into the house of God where even the names of the senior pastor of lake wood church did not appear on the program.
All the service departments in Houston should collaborate for security reasons.
Diplomacy requires that , the public gets to see the leadership and those who are paid from the tax dollars of residents work together for the city of Houston.
The mayor remains the overall boss of the firefighters according to the results of the last elections and the people would want to see all the departments respecting the expressed wishes of the people through the ballot box. Law and order does not chose and pick who they want as the leadership of the city , though they can do so as residents with votes in their hands.
This election period is a trying time for the city.
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson