Oct. 26, 2020

Houston city Councilors request more power Sharing with mayoral council chair.

The people in Houston are the city they say and the city hall elected officials their public servants.
Houston is the only major Texas city where the mayor is the chair of the city council and manager or chief executive officer unlike San Antonio, Dallas, and other Texas cities where the office of city manager executes the decisions of the council with the Mayor as chair.
How policy issues are brought to the city council sessions agendas or floor is being contested, with certain members proposing that three councilors in the agreement of an agenda item , should be able to have it or them on council session agendas without the mayor overruling them.
The charter of Houston has been in existence for more than 100 years and serves the city well the mayor believes.
Many think too much powers are invested in the office of mayor and have continued to propose that Houston local government be run like the other Texas cities.
Mayor Proterm Martin sees it differently, advising that, the other councilors should get to communicate better with the office of Mayor so that majority of their proposals can be brought into the agendas for discussions and vote.
The contention that goes on in other city governments is motivating Houston to keep it,s present system.
Dr Akwo, Ntuba Thompson