Oct. 27, 2020

Amy Barret has replaced late Justice Ruth Ginsburg in the USA Supreme Court.

On Monday the 26th of October 2020, judge Amy Barret was confirmed in the senate by a partisan vote of 52 republicans against 47 democrats, with one republican , Susan Collins voting against her own party to protest court stealing and parking by republicans.
Republican-appointed and conservative justice Clarence Thomas administered the oath of office in a ceremony at the White House, arranged to pass a political message.
The USA constitution never made provision for Republicans to choose and select who should be brought to the Senate floor during a presidential election year and who should not.
The majority of Americans remember how the republican led senate refused to bring an Obama appointed judge to the floor for confirmation in 2016 , saying It was a presidential election year, let the people decide with more than 200 days to go. This time around with the shoe in the other foot, and less than 45 days to go, the same republican led senate decided to bring to the floor a Republican president Trump,s nominee ,confirming her in a rushed process to replace Justice Ginsburg.
Over the last few years, Supreme Court Justice Roberts has tried to make the court credible with votes on the affordable health care act and others.
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson
The so-called stealing of court seats by republicans may require court parking should the democrats win the White House and both houses of congress.