Nov. 4, 2020

Early morning hours in the USA post peaceful presidential elections with votes being counted.

The presidential elections in the united States took place peacefully in most states across the country with many few lines because many people had voted in person or by mail.
The Covid 19 pandemic affected the process and was expected to make the pronouncement of the final result delayed.
As of the early hours or 3:16 am Wednesday 4th November 2020 both candidates had above 200 electoral votes, Biden with 220 and Trump with 213.
President Trump and former vice president Biden have a path to the expected 270 electoral college votes.
The counting is still ongoing and president Trump has asked that the counting stop nationally for him to be declared winner prematurely.
The power to declare oneself winner of an election resides with despots and dictators not that of the American democratic process.
Quoting former republican national security adviser to Trump, John Bolton " Trump is trying to set up a fraud by falsely pre maturing declaring victory ".
Americans are asking and waiting for all the votes to be counted properly before the winner is proclaimed.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson