Nov. 4, 2020

Trump says American presidential Elections are full of rigging and Fraud, as he stopped counting .

President Trump of the USA in his impulsive way of addressing national issues usurped the positions of secretaries of States in the USA to declare the winner of the 2020 presidential election and announcing that counting should stop midway, an act which could be considered national subversion and treason in other republics where despots and dictators insert themselves in the presidential election race , do away with much ballots and declare themselves winners.
Trump is accusing American citizens of frauding and rigging elections, a stand which puts America under the column of Banana republics of the world.
Trump already declared that he is going to court, though calm and few thoughtful Americans are asking why a suppose winner of an elections , midway to counting decide to go challenge his own victory in court?.
The moral standing America had to instruct other countries to follow the legal and electoral due process has been undermined by President Trump of the USA.
No matter who wins finally, the credibility of the process and results have been shamed and the process, fraudulent.
What many pundits feared would happen in a predicted close race is happening .
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson