Nov. 5, 2020

Many Americans return to their history for an explanation for the 2020 presidential questions.

Never in the History of civilized nations and people will a candidate refuse to respect the civilized rules and statutes to guide the conduct of presidential elections like happened on the early hours of Wednesday, November 2020.
Candidate Trump midway to elections vote counting declared himself the winner and ordered the counting process to stop.
People in the civilized West could not believe what they were hearing in the news. Some questioned the authority of President Trump to do what he did.
Trump openly accused his fellow Americans to be election frauds and riggers, threatening to expose their schemes through the Trump judges in the supreme court.
Many believed that the results would not be known in the same day in a free and fair process, since many votes would be counted over several days period.
Many Americans are returning to their history for answers to the questions of today, posed by the blatant accusations of Americans as election thieves and fraudsters.
Many are asking if Trump even knows how the elections process works , talkless of the statutes, that guide the process.
Many are surprised that what happens in uncivilized nations is happening in America .
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson