Nov. 6, 2020

Global health and Development: Texdot addressing injuries and deaths from RTA.

The world health organization, USA national institutes of health and the center for disease control and prevention are working in collaboration with the departments of. Transportation, roads and car manufacturing engineers in government public works and infrastructure departments to address the road traffic injurious incidents that lead to injuries and deaths .
The state of Texas has allocated funds for more programming under the #EndTheStreakTX initiative as seen in the website to prevent deaths from traffic accidents in Texas, reducing the incidence to 50 percent by 2035 and Zero by 2020 ,said Texas Department of Transportation commissioner Ryan.
Commissioner Ryan and her team were in Houston to work with the city of Houston for the Houston Zero initiative.
The team gave factors that cause deaths from RTA to be grouped into, 1 Human, like driving under the influence, speeding, texting while driving 2 Roads, include bad roads, poor and bad road signs 3. Cars or trucks which may suddenly break down, poor maintenance, brake failures and others.
Injuries and deaths from RTA are now seen as a global public health issue to be addressed from the multisectoral public health model or approach.
The prevention measures require all to work together to help drunk drivers to stay off the road and if alcoholics to seek treatment.
Changing the civil engineering designs in road construction, and factoring accident prevention from start.
The presented data shows that since November 7th, 2000, Texas has had at least one death on it, s roadways every single day.
Dr. Akwo, Ntuba Thompson