Nov. 10, 2020

HPD Assistant Chief Wendy Baimbridge says men like women are victims of domestic abuse.

Assistance chief of police with the Houston police department in answers to questions asked by Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba , if only women we're victims of Domestic violence and if not what was being done to help male victims in a gender equality and equity context , said, yes men are also victims of domestic violence as their work history and data shows.
She said most times, with men, it is neighbors who place the calls for help because the men are a shame to report abuse by women.
She was speaking on Monday the 9th of November 2020 at the gallery room of City hall Houston during the announcement of the Mayor Sylvester , Houston Police Department Violence response initiative.
Mayor Turner during the announcement said, " Today , we are intensfying our efforts to address domestic violence where we are seeing a rising number of cases during the pandemic. The Mental Health Division of the Houston Health Department , crisis intervention Response Team, and Community Partners will enhance their reach to serve more domestic abuse victims".
The mayor said Domestic violence offenses have increased to 9.39% in March , 3.79% in April, and 15.51% in May as compared to the same month in 2019.
Domestic service calls are more violent than pre-pandemic incidents . It was also said that calls related to Family Violence such as aggravated assault have increased by 48%.
Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, the government of Houston was putting $6.2 million in Care act funding in the initiative to assist all victims of domestic violence.
The resources will help the crisis intervention response teams or CIRT and the DART or the Domestic response Teams , respond to more calls.
Mental health nurses and counselors will be involved in the initiative.
Access to free health care, including forensic medical exams will be provided along side case management.
Emergency housing short or long term is also factored in the initiative.
Houston health department director Stephen Williams spoke about the importance of the initiative and the partnership with his directorate , while HPD assistant chief Baimbridge and Lt Pleasant both spoke about CIRT and DART respectively.
The public health and law enforcement initiative is intended to better address the emotional and mental health stress that is at an all time high level in the Houston community.
Mayor Turner said people have lost jobs, they are at home more, people are facing substance abuse or homelessness.
Minal Davis from the office of human trafficking and domestic violence initiatives spoke of the importance of the initiative.
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba