Nov. 11, 2020

Americans Celebrate Veterans day 2020.

Veterans day 2020 has been celebrated in the USA this Wednesday 11th of November 2020 in a quiet manner.
Most cities canceled the outside large gathering and parade events.
A ceremony was done in Arlington, VA which the public was excluded from attending.
The day is set aside to reflect and celebrate the service of ex-military men and women who had served their country.
The veterans include those who retired after full service as career soldiers and officers, those who had a short service experience and left for civilian pursuits, those who were honorably discharged, those who were dishonorably discharged, and those who are dead.
Most veterans went to the memorial cemeteries for fallen soldiers to pay their respects to their comrades and reflect on their joint struggles and challenges for national and global freedom.
The are many historical wars that USA veterans have fought in the likes of the war of independence, the USA civil war, World war 1, and 2. Operation desert storm, Korean War, Vietnam war, and n in recent memories.
The United States, as a member of the United πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡³ Nations security council with veto powers, has veterans who retired from UN peacekeeping operations.
As part of NATO, American soldiers have contributed to the security and safety of member states.
The National World War Museum in New Orleans shows and narrates the sacrifices of US Veterans in the two wars.
The wounded soldiers memorial in Washington DC shows the sacrifices in the Body and Soul of the Veterans who were wounded in battle.
The Veteran administration takes care of the needs of veterans which include Housing, Healthcare, and transition into civilian life.
America and the world say thanks to US veterans and salute their service for freedom and peace.
Dr. Ntuba, Akwo Thompson.