Nov. 13, 2020

HND Health News Brief: National institutes of Health releases Fall 2020 magazine.

The National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland USA has released it,a Fall 2020 issue of it,as magazine containing trusted health information.
The fall cold season requires tips for staying healthy as part of Cold-Weather Wellness.
NIH Covid-Research addresses health disparities in testing .
Inside this issue, Cancer is discussed with more emphasis on Breast Cancer. , the work of Telemundu host Adamari Lopez in Breast cancer awareness and how it helped her own healing process, after diagnosis with Breast Cancer at the age of 33years.
Palliative care s use in the help of patients and families manage serious health problems as Jeri Miller , PhD says in her Q and A section.
Breast Cancer : what you need to know, and improving outcomes for African American Women with Breast Cancer through involvement in Clinical trials.
Breast Cancer diagnosis while pregnant as Ashli Brown narrates her experiences and advice the public from them.
The place of Counseling and Self advocacy as Cheryl Plunkett shows.
Latest research updates show that Cancer medicine may help treat Covid -19 breathing problems
Pregnancy and loss,. Healthy pregnancy for plus size women and the new role of artificial intelligence in NIH pregnancy research
High risk pregnancy , what you need to know and factors that increase risk.
A different path to start a family.
Substance use disorders and dependency on Nicotine, Marijuana and how to quit.
Teen nicotine Ir marijuana vaping can lead to addiction and may affect brain development.
Vaping may increase the risk of Covid 19 complications and how to talk to your teen about vaping.
The magazine also shows that African Americans can significantly cut stroke risk by quitting smoking.
ER visits for drug overdose may raise risk of later death.
Little known effects of Bullying, learning how to spot it and what to do .
You can read the entire magazine online, down load a copy or request for a hard copy.
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By Dr Akwo, Ntuba Thompson