Nov. 14, 2020

Multiple thousands of Trump supporters marched in solidarity for the president, s election contest.

President Trump rode in a motorcade that passed through a huge crowd of his supporters downtown Washington DC USA to wave and greet on Saturday 11/14/2020.
The huge crowd of Trump supporters was marching in solidarity with their political leader, outgoing president Trump, who is said to have lost the last presidential elections according to election results from the state offices that conducted them.
President Trump through his lawyers filed many lawsuits in a few Battleground states including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona. Judges in a number of those states have ruled against Trump and his legal team, making his contest of the results of the presidential election almost impossible to overturn.
Former president and projected president-elect Joe Biden has 306 electoral college votes so far.
The Trump supporters are hoping that pressure could be brought on the system to overturn the results to their favor.
Their huge crowds in the DC March is a testament to the determination to go all out and make their point.
Dr Akwo, Ntuba Thompson .