Nov. 16, 2020

Respect Covid19 safety measures, while vaccines under go full safety trials says Dr Callender .

Physician executive ,president of the Memorial Hermann health Care system ,part of the Texas medical center has advised that people should continue to respect the Covid19 barrier methods put in place by local government authorities of the city of Houston, regional or state authorities and central or federal authorities, while the Pfizer and Medoner vaccine trials run their courses, independently reviewed for safety and efficacy and approved by the food and Drug administration or FDA, a process which will take longer than what the population is being told to expect.
Dr Callender was answering questions from Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson, who wanted clarifications on who controls the rights of the scientific vaccine discovery of the Turkish German couple of BioNTech /Pfizer ? after the information from Thursday meeting with the director of the World health organization, Dr Tedros .
Dr Callender said,yes it was necessary for the vaccine when available, to be distributed equitably, corroborating the world health position that all frontline workers in the WHO member states including the USA be served first.
Dr Callender was speaking at Houston local government city hall, as guest of Mayor Silverster Turner who has put public private partners infront and center in his City of Houston strategic preparation and response , one of the pillars of Covid19 global solidarity.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson