Nov. 18, 2020

City of Houston and police or HPD celebrated the life of Sgt Sean Rios at Funeral .

Mayor Sylvester Turner and Chief of Houston police department Art Acevedo led the city and police department , family friends and well wishers in and out of Houston to the funeral of former US Marine and Houston police department Sgt Sean Rios at Grace Church South East Houston.
Mayor Sylvester Turner on behalf of close to 2.5 million Houston residents thanked his family for his service in keeping Houston safe and declared Wednesday 17th of November as Sgt Sean Rios day in Houston.
Chief Acevedo said he was a true Hero who served his country as a US marine and HPD officer, keeping the people safe.
Congress woman Sheiler Jackson Lee presented a death honor proclamation through her representative.
Friends of Rios narrated his selfless and caring qualities .
The HPD police chaplain in his funeral sermon on overcoming the Storm used the example of Jesus Christ who was called by his disciples to calm the storm as they were going to the other side .
Addressing the family , the chaplain assured them that they will overcome the storm of losing Rios, saying he was on the other, side with Jesus haven overcome the storms in this life.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson