Nov. 19, 2020

Trump and his supporters continue in their uphill battle to snatch 2020 presidential elections.

President Trump does not have the courts on his side ,with failures in more than 30 post presidential elections cases filed in many courts across multiple states in t he US.
In some of the cases, lack of standing was the reason for their withdrawal or outright defeat by judges in their judicial proceedings and judgements or rulings .
Unable the close to 8millions of dollars required for the entire state of Wisconsin recount, the Trump team opted for just selected counties, which required a lesser amount of money, a sign that the Trump side may not be as willing to part with most of the money collected for Defend of he elections .
In Michigan ,Wayne county officials decided to certify the election results that include votes from the city of Detrout a predominantly democratic stronghold .
The state of Geogia has reached the deadline fore recount that was ordered by the authorities because the Biden win margin was very small.
The general service administration office has not yet ascertained the results of the elections, mostly because they are waiting for the states to certify them and for the electoral college electors to vote .
Though the is a lot of talk about President Trump not conceding to Biden , the formal process is going according to procedures and the law .
Conceding elections do not make the results final . It must be noted that Algore conceded to Bush and retracted .
After the results are certified, the electors of the electoral college are called in to vote for the president .
In a sense ,the presidential elections in the USA is an indirect one. where on the 3rd of November every presidential election year. the people vote for the electors who then decide which of the two candidates to vote for.
The indirect representation of the American presidential system goes with lots of challenges.
While the may be a president elect , the is only one president , who remains President Trump. and that only changes after the 20th of January 2021.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson