Nov. 20, 2020

Texas governor Gregg Abbott has announced the use of monoclonal antibodies for Covid19 treatment

Governor Abbott provided updates on Bamlanivimab to hospitals across Texas on Thursday in Lubbuck Lubbuck. Iui
The Texas Department of State Health Services (HSHS) has allocated the initial shipment of the Eli Lilly & Company monoclonal antibody therapy for Covid19 , and has allocated this initial shipment to acute care hospitals across Texas.
DSHS prioritized communities with high Covid19 disease burden for this. Initial allotment through formulary that included total new case counts in the area, new Covid19 hospital admissions and total COVID19 hospital patients.
The treatment is for outpatients with mild to moderate COVID19 .
Thist treatment is for people 12 years and older who may have mild to moderate disease with the possibility of getting to severe.
Dr Ntuba, Akwo Thompson