Nov. 24, 2020

The safety of the synthetic ,chemically produced mRNA vaccine remains an issue, says experts .

The safety issues surrounding the synthetic, chemically produced mRNA Covid19 vaccine remains an issue which health experts are divided over .
The editor of the Lancet believes that the Pfizer vaccine was introduced through the unconventional methods, without accompanied peer reviews. Other physicians are advising their patients to be cautious . Scientific papers are coming out that support the need for caution .
Dr David Persse of Houston believes that recent bioscience discoveries have rendered mRNA vaccines safe .
The viral gene sequence research many belief , has thrown much light in mRNA vaccine production.
Some say the mRNA vaccine may not be very stable and could easily breakdown, creating efficacy issues .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson raised those issues in the Monday November 23th 2020 meeting in Houston in questions to Dr David Persse.
While the experts are not yet agreed on the issues, some say the vaccines are safe and will benefit alot , advising the population to take them , when they are made available.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo