Dec. 1, 2020

World AIDS Day 2020 : Global problems, need Global solidarity.

The World aids day 2020 like others in the past , is an opportunity to appeal for Global solidarity to Continue the fight against the global health pandemic ,that is now considered a dual pandemic with Covid 19.
The united nations aids agency (UNAIDS) has it that ,about 12 million people globally infected with the aids virus are without treatment.
1.7 million people were infected with the virus in the year 2019.
The colliding epidemics of Aids and Covid19 has affected the health and Development of all nations in 2020.
The global health leaders in Aids work continue to show strength, strong will and determination, to reduce the loss gains in the fight against hiv/aids because of Covid19.
The NIH or the national institutes of Health issued a 2020 aids message " Today we reflect both on the remarkable progress that has been made against HIV as well as the considerable challenges that remains . Now we have highly effective hiv/treatment /prevention methods . Work is under way to address the remaining challenges in delivering these tools to people who need them most, as well as to development new interventions ".
UNAIDS addressed these challenges during the May 2020 World health assembly in Geneva .
Dr Birx of USA Pepfar spoke about some related issues during the 2020 Covid19 subconference at the last international biennial aids conference in San Francisco USA.
The national hiv/ aids prevention conference that took place in Houston Texas addressed most of the prevention issues .
It is also said that Socio-economic determinants related to social injustices drive hiv/aids incidence and prevalence in the USA and other parts of the world , with the health inequities affecting mostly minority communities like African Americans and Latinos.
Most pandemics are addressed through global health risk communication and community engagements.
The Harris county Thomas clinic in Houston is a comprehensive Hiv/aids center ,that provides Holistic care and services , working in partnership with Ryan white Houston and Baylor medical school.
Hiv/Aids awareness is still needed around the world ,with the request for global solidarity .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo