Dec. 4, 2020

Mayor Sylvester Turner returned to questioning while physically present not censor polls.

Mayor Sylvester Turner did away with the remote control poll questioning during Thursday 3rd of December press conference, returing it to civilized formats of press conferences as happens in Paris, London and Washington DC.
The changes followed written worded letters sent to the mayor through the directorate of communication .
The poll makes the city to be able to censor and remote control the questioning part of the conference, during which time residents, get to know truth ,elicited through their communication representatives.
Unlike in Washington DCwhere communicators take the White House to court to defend their rights, Houston communicators follow what ever is told them because of inexperience or lack of knowledge about the politics of government agencies .
It was a relief to see the communicators physically go on to speak for the people ,without the poll remote control
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson