Dec. 7, 2020

Houston resident dies while in police custody, with many unanswered questions yet.

The city of Houston residents and some police have reported the death of a 50 years old Hispanic man who died while in police custody following a police call and dispatch .
Since he is dead ,most of what is given as statements, are from those on the scene who may and may not have a full knowledge of what transpired.
The preliminary questioning of police by communicators in the field may be limited by lack of experience.
To say a resident has a mental health diagnosis is not what is expected to be made on site especially doing a mental state exam requires time and preparation.
The person involved is said to have fallen into a ditch and sustained injuries they said , though residents are asking more questions .
The police said they tried to go around to see if there was capture by videos, though it ended there .
He has said to be bleeding but they could not tell what caused the bleeding .
The police did not say if they handcuffed him and what position they placed him , and if they gave him any form of resuscitation while his life was threatened as he bled.
The residents are also asking the time difference between his arrest, and arrival of the Emergency fire people to resuscitate him .
While the police is now careful to wait to see if any body in the community recorded what happened and keeping the video , they made sure to announce that they are studying the body camaras.
The necessary investigation teams have already visited the site .
It is expected that ,the toxicology studies of body fluids and other cadaver studies report from the forensic examination will help to stakeholders understand what happened and the circumstances.
It is necessary for all to keep calm and not rush into judgements, while a full and detailed investigation is reveals more.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson