Dec. 7, 2020

Global communities to celebrate Human rights day on the 10th of December 2020.

Photo credit, Dr Ntuba, Akwo Thompson ,human rights advocate at work in Washington DC USA.

The world is experiencing much human rights abuses .In Texas, a black officer kills a Hispanic young soldier by name Venessa Guillen , dismembered the body and burns down, finally burying the remains that will not burn .
The abuse of the human right to life of Venessa Guillen was only uncovered by her family that was ready to fight the USA military where Venessa worked .
Police around the world are one of the greatest abusers of human rights, threatening to silence questioning voices with the threat of arrests, what ever that means , most times arrogating and usurping the rights of adjudication , acting like judges on the bench.
Bullies in America threatened others until they were voted out of office .
Domestic violence most times takes away the right of speech of complaining spouses .
American state department keeps the human rights records of China and other countries.
China has started publishing the human rights abuses in America and other countries .
American Indians had to fight for their Indigenous rights at the United nations and got the Charter on Indigenious rights .
Residents of cities kill police ,depriving them of their human rights and vice versa .
Most people close their human rights of addressing issues in court because of fake friends and associates they fear to displease .
Mandela, Ghandi, King and others are celebrated around the world because they gave their lives fighting against injustices in the world.
Most communicators who know what they are doing are easily attacked by fake and fraud stars calling themselves politicians .
Many city mayors go to prison during and or after serving their terms because of fraud and shady deals or corruption carried out while in office , refusing to listen to those who mean well and try to help them . You just need to google search people to know who they are .Corrupt politicians and leaders are good at abusing the rights of the unsuspecting.
I had to dismiss my American lawyer, goto court , sit on the lawyers chair ,winning my case in a USA federal court .
This year 2020 has been a sad one in terms of human rights abuses , with increased in domestic abuses, homicides, vote stealing and racial fights and cry for civil and women rights .
The world will stop on the 10th of December 2020 to take stock of human rights abuses and to celebrate the successes made around the world.
The is human rights abuses in all nations in the world .
A CNN journalist was arrested while covering George Floyd protests in Minneapolis Minnesota.
Censorship of the press is abuse of rights to free speech . Donot go out of your city or district looking for human rights abuses ,because, every first world citiy has a third world or Banana republic communities in them and every third world city has civilized people and infrastructure in them .
Endsars protests in Nigeria was met with killings . Cameroon had a poor record with both government agents and civilians killing others for power and money .
Killing school children in the name of fighting for freedoms and getting the attention of foreign nations that sponsor terrorism abroad is not fighting for human rights but abuse of human rights .
Our accountability mechanism at the world bank work is the fight for human rights .
Pollution of the environment and the unhealthy climate change events that follow, are human rights abuses
The right to life, education , healthcare ,freespeech ,religion , assembly and others are trampled in all nations .
Human rights watch and action is a call to all.
The international human rights charter must remain the go to guiding principles for the world .
As we celebrate the international human rights day 2020, may we follow the lines of Ghandi, Mandela and Martin Luther king ,not forgetting Chavez .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo